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Keighly Brown

Actor, Singer, Dancer


about me!

I was raised in a small town just North of Atlanta called Buford, Georgia. Growing up, my family instilled in me values of loyalty and kindness that I will carry with me always.


It was at my elementary school Fine Arts Camp where I first learned of my love for Musical Theatre. I had been in dance classes since I was 2 years old, but didn't know something existed where I could dance and sing at the same time! In high school I made the decision to pursue theatre as a career.


I graduated in May of 2023 from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee with my BFA in Musical Theatre. Besides theatre, I enjoy making my friends laugh, finding cool restaurants and bars, playing my guitar, and binge watching Survivor.

Following graduation, I made the move to NYC and hit the ground running! I am a firm believer that what is meant to be, will be. 


Let's Chat!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out. Talk soon!

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